Hi, I’m Tessa G.
I’m a swim and triathlon coach, and a Personal Trainer with 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry, including 7 at the Royal Military College as a Physical Educator, 2 at YMCA as a Personal Trainer, and 8 running my Personal Training business. I’m also a columnist at Chronic Illness Bloggers Network and The Good Men Project.
Life and kids don’t come with user manuals, but that’s not going to stop me from trying to create my own and share some of my knowledge and experience with others. I’ll share with you some of my personal experiences, debunk some of the greatest myths surrounding Fibromyalgia, fitness, diet, and autism, and write about busting social norms. I may even get on my soapbox once in a while. I’ll discuss things that people normally don’t want to talk about in the open…

…things that are usually just whispered about in quiet places, where no one else can hear.