My Monday Swim Workout #1

My Monday Swim Workout #1

Now that my back isn’t shaped like a pretzel, I thought I’d hit the pool. Yes, it’s been awhile. With tears in the ligaments in my right shoulder and a possible rotator cuff tear, and a right knee with no cartilage left in it, even swimming drills is difficult, but I’m going to give it a whirl, and see what happens. I thought I’d share my workout here for anyone who’s interested! Keep in mind this is NOT a challenging workout, but since it’s pretty close to being the beginning of the swim season, I figure we’re all in the same place (roughly) anyway!

Swim Workout #1 Monday, Oct 22

Warmup  – 400m


50m EZ ch

50m K ch

50m Pull ch

50m Drill ch

Main Set – 3x 750m

25 fr zipper dr

25 fr archer dr

50 bk


50 fr K

Cool Down 2x 300m

50 whip k

50 EZ fr

50 EZ br


If you’re not familiar with the wording, here’s a quick breakdown:

fr = freestyle

br = breast stroke

bk = back stroke

fly = butterfly stroke

k = kick

dr = drill

ch = choice of stroke/drill/kick

EZ = easy – go nice and easy, loose stroke or kick

Therefore, 50 br dr would mean 50 metres (or yards) of breast stroke drill. 50 fr k would mean 50 m/yd of freestyle kick, etc. 50 ch dr would mean 50 m/yd of your choice of drill, while 50 ch k would mean 50 m/yd of your choice of kick. If it only says ‘ch’ it means your choice of stroke.


33 thoughts on “My Monday Swim Workout #1

  1. I hope it went well for you. I am new to swimming and have done 4 sprint triathlons. Swimming is much harder than you swimmers make it look. It is the area that I struggle in.

    1. WOW you’ve done 4 sprints already??? That’s fantastic! Have you considered joining a Masters swim team? Lots of folks think you have to be a star swimmar to join a team but just the opposite is true – when I was coaching I had everyone from folks who couldn’t swim one lap of the pool to folks who had gone to the olympic trials when they were younger (and 2 olympians – yikes! no pressure!). I also find Masters swimmers are VERY friendly, and more than happy to help new swimmers! 🙂 KEEP AT IT! 🙂

  2. Oh Lord, reading this gave me a cramp. Clearly it just shows how unfit I am, I used to love swimming until I just stopped and I do know what great of an exercise it is.

    1. lol, awww…it was my first time in the pool in a year! If you want to get back at it, just do one rep of warmup, main set, and cool down. At least you’re getting out there!

  3. I love swimming, unfortunately I do not do it often enough … The next time I go swimming I take your schedule with me … I think it’s a perfect workout.

  4. Wow, I use to swim a lot when I was a teenager and I remembered I do about 20 laps of freestyle and 20 laps of breast stroke. It was pretty refresh after each swim. Now I hardly swim but took out another sport which is yoga and resistance training due to my long hair as it is very troublesome to dry them after the swim.

  5. Well this is something to aspire to! I had to study it to figure out if it was really posible for me as well because I love swimming. I think I can! Thanks for sharing and motivating!

  6. Fair play to you!! I love swimming I’m just SUPER slow at it. My 2yr old LOVES the pool so trying to promote it to her as much as possible

  7. We were swimming for exercise, this summer. I didn’t think it would do much of an impact because of how easy everything seemed, but when we were doing it, I was toning up nicely. Unfortunately, we ended our pass because it was just too much for our budget, at the moment.

  8. I love swimming I feel that the water and the stillness helps me to calm down, thank you for sharing this workout! I can’t wait to give it a go!

  9. wow all these years of swimming and I never knew these terms! who knew swimming could be such a great workout! i am going to try to incorporate some of these methods next time i go into the pool! thank you

  10. I love going to the gym’s pool, but never thought of a proper workout. I usually just swim in my own rhythm until I get tired, about 20-30 minutes, and then go to the sauna for 5 minutes. 🙂

  11. Swimming is something which i have always loved and it is definitely a great exercise. It was really good to know that you had a great day in the pool.

  12. I have heard that swimming is a really great way to get a workout in. I have only ever taken a swim in the summer, I’ll have to try this for workouts sometime. Thanks for sharing!

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