My Monday Swim Workout #1

My Monday Swim Workout #1

Now that my back isn’t shaped like a pretzel, I thought I’d hit the pool. Yes, it’s been awhile. With tears in the ligaments in my right shoulder and a possible rotator cuff tear, and a right knee with no cartilage left in it, even swimming drills is difficult, but I’m going to give it a whirl, and see what happens. I thought I’d share my workout here for anyone who’s interested! Keep in mind this is NOT a challenging workout, but since it’s pretty close to being the beginning of the swim season, I figure we’re all in the same place (roughly) anyway!

Swim Workout #1 Monday, Oct 22

Warmup  – 400m


50m EZ ch

50m K ch

50m Pull ch

50m Drill ch

Main Set – 3x 750m

25 fr zipper dr

25 fr archer dr

50 bk


50 fr K

Cool Down 2x 300m

50 whip k

50 EZ fr

50 EZ br


If you’re not familiar with the wording, here’s a quick breakdown:

fr = freestyle

br = breast stroke

bk = back stroke

fly = butterfly stroke

k = kick

dr = drill

ch = choice of stroke/drill/kick

EZ = easy – go nice and easy, loose stroke or kick

Therefore, 50 br dr would mean 50 metres (or yards) of breast stroke drill. 50 fr k would mean 50 m/yd of freestyle kick, etc. 50 ch dr would mean 50 m/yd of your choice of drill, while 50 ch k would mean 50 m/yd of your choice of kick. If it only says ‘ch’ it means your choice of stroke.


6 thoughts on “My Monday Swim Workout #1

  1. I hope it went well for you. I am new to swimming and have done 4 sprint triathlons. Swimming is much harder than you swimmers make it look. It is the area that I struggle in.

    1. WOW you’ve done 4 sprints already??? That’s fantastic! Have you considered joining a Masters swim team? Lots of folks think you have to be a star swimmar to join a team but just the opposite is true – when I was coaching I had everyone from folks who couldn’t swim one lap of the pool to folks who had gone to the olympic trials when they were younger (and 2 olympians – yikes! no pressure!). I also find Masters swimmers are VERY friendly, and more than happy to help new swimmers! 🙂 KEEP AT IT! 🙂

  2. Oh Lord, reading this gave me a cramp. Clearly it just shows how unfit I am, I used to love swimming until I just stopped and I do know what great of an exercise it is.

    1. lol, awww…it was my first time in the pool in a year! If you want to get back at it, just do one rep of warmup, main set, and cool down. At least you’re getting out there!

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