Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Crafts for Kids

Hello, all my virtual friends! If you live in a climate where you get to watch the trees turn beautiful colors in the fall, this craft is just for you! My youngest son loves doing crafts with me, so last week, we went shopping at Value Village to pick up some cheap glassware that could serve as candleholders. We then collected a variety of leaves and pressed them in our family’s humungous dictionary for a week, then coated them in Mod Podge. That was our first mistake! The leaves curled up, and no amount of coaxing could un-curl them 🙁

So, next time, we won’t mod-podge the leaves first. I was afraid they would be too brittle to work with, but the way they curled up, they were virtually impossible to mod-podge to the candle holders.So, we broke out our handy-dandy glue sticks, and coated sections of the candle holders in glue. That worked not too badly, so we continued, coating parts of the leaves and the glass with the glue sticks, and then placing our carefully selected leaves and pressing them into place.

After they were pretty firmly flattened to the glass, we broke out the Mod-Podge again, and used a large, flat paint brush to coat everything generously in it.


Fast-forward to the evening, and we had some beautifully finished votive candle holders that were absolutely stunning with some tea lights in them!


As you can see on the left, we decided to leave a few sections uncovered by the leaves to see if it would add to the effect once the candles were in it. In the photo on the right, you can see some of those spots glowing softly from the leaves on the other side of the candle holder (it’s very obvious at the top on the right where the bare spot is, and then again on the right where it glows a pale yellow). I think next time we’ll space the leaves out more. You’ll see this effect more on the candle holder my son chose.

My son, ever-so-creative, wanted to do something different than your average, round candle holder. So he chose a very unique square candle holder, and the end result is really quite stunning.

On the left you see the finished product in the daytime; I thought it looked pretty cute on its own! The right is obviously lit up with a tealight, and while I like the effect, the bottom was a little darker because that’s where the candle sits.


Overall, it was definitely a learning experience, but we had a lot of fun collecting the leaves, and then trying to figure out how to properly adhere them to the glass. As a final fun project, he duplicated a piece of art he’d done in Art Therapy last year (because I don’t have enough of his artwork to hang on my walls already ;P For this, he used a small canvas from the dollar store with a piece of string duct-taped to the back for hanging purposes, coated the whole thing in Mod-Podge, and then started to apply the leaves one at a time. The end result is lovely, but not as colorful as the glass projects, likely because there wasn’t any light getting through the layers of leaves, and also because we used some leaves that weren’t Maple and didn’t carry the vibrant colors with them, but finding small Maple leaves was challenging!

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and it only cost us a few dollars for the jars and the canvas! What are your favorite fall crafts? Share them with everyone in the comments below! We would love to see all of your artistic creations!





25 thoughts on “Fall Crafts for Kids

    1. I’m always keen to find things to do with my kids to spend quality time, and when it’s a craft, I REALLY try to make sure it’s something useful – otherwise I need more and more shelves for our creations lol!

    1. Let me know how it turns out! I’d love to see a picture! One tip – get LOTS more small leaves than large – we learned that the hard way!

    1. OH trust me, this one just requires glue-stick handling skills, a big paintbrush, and mod-podge lol! No skill required!

  1. OH trust me, this one just requires glue-stick handling skills, a big paintbrush, and mod-podge lol! No skill required!

  2. This is a really great idea. I don’t have any kids but I can use this idea to incorporate something to craft for my home.

  3. This entire post made me smile from start to finish. I live in Florida now so I don’t get to see the leaves change color as they did during my New England childhood. Seeing the leaves and their glorious colors on the candleholders brought me back a few years (in the best way!)

    What a great way to spend quality and creative time with your son! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Perfect example of DIY. She is so creative. Love the ideas. This is eco friendly. Thanks for sharing this creative ideas. Looking forward for more such ideas

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