My Terrifying Best Buy Experience

My Terrifying Best Buy Experience

So, I went into Best Buy today to have a brand-new computer (okay, 6 weeks old) replaced after speaking to customer support over the phone, and being told that it could be returned at the Best Buy where I purchased it for an exchange. They called me back as I was walking into the store, gave me the name of the rep they spoke with at the Best Buy, and said that it wasn’t going to be an issue. I walked in and stood at the counter for about 20 minutes, being ignored by everyone behind the counter, who were busy texting on their phones, chatting with each other, and sitting in their chairs staring off into space.

In the meantime, I struck up a friendly conversation with a gentleman beside me who was having the same issue with his laptop. We wondered if it could have been an update that caused the problem. The Best Buy agent agreed to replace his nearly 1-year-old computer with a brand-new one. Impressed, I expected the same since mine was only 6 weeks old, and was experiencing the very same problem. Receipt in hand, the next agent came to me and asked what the issue was. I explained, and she said, ‘sorry, you have to go to Apple for that.’ Having already called Apple, and Apple having called me back authorizing an exchange with an employee at that location, I didn’t anticipate an issue. I gave the customer service agent (I use that term loosely) the name of the individual that Mike from Apple had given me, and they all laughed at me, and then said, snarkily, ‘oh, nobody works here by that name.’ Then I heard laughter from behind me in line.

I turned around to see a man with a badly-stitched up upper lip and smashed teeth laughing at me. I asked him, ‘are you laughing at me?’ He said, smirking, ‘yeah. Look at you. You’re ugly! Your face looks like a pile of dog shit!’ I was shocked, but even more shocked when the customer service reps behind the counter started laughing with him. I asked him, ‘why would you say something like that? You don’t even know me?’ His reply was ‘because you’re ridiculous! Look how ugly you are!’ I was shocked. I turned back to the customer service rep, who said ‘you have to get it fixed by apple.’ So I called Apple, all the while listening to this guy mouth off at me, with my 11-year-old now next to me as he elaborated extensively about how ugly I was, and watching the ‘customer service’ reps laugh at me as I spoke to Apple. Apple said, ‘you have to have it repaired or exchanged at Best Buy, because that’s where you bought it.’ Best Buy said, ‘Apple has to repair it, it’s their warranty.’ Meanwhile, smashed-face guy is laughing, and then, he sticks his phone in my face with a picture of his mashed-in mug, with his arm around some girl and said ‘this is who I’m married to. You’d never get a guy like me, look what I have.’ I admit, I didn’t know what to say anymore. The words that next came out of my mouth were something like ‘sorry, do you feel you have to show off pictures of yourself with your arm around some woman to feel good about yourself?’ I asked the agent behind the counter if she could please do something about the man harrassing me. Everyone behind the counter laughed. I asked, ‘are you all seriously okay with what’s going on here?’ Clearly, the answer was no. I was the morning’s entertainment. Why? Because they didn’t want to deal with my 6-week-old dead paperweight of a $1750 MacBook Pro.

Upset and confused, we left the store. I got home only to realize that I’d left my phone (and wallet) behind. Dammit. I went back, and the woman behind the counter who had been laughing at my plight. I heard another female service rep behind me say ‘OMG, is that the girl?’ To which the agent said, ‘yeah, yeah, that’s her!’ and they both started laughing. I got my wallet, and I left.

I went home and had a lengthy conversation with not one, not two, but three Apple care representatives. I was told repeatedly that my warranty wouldn’t cover ANY issues with my 6-week-old computer, and that I’d have to buy the $350 USD Applecare program. Say, what? At that point, I was so fed up I decided to buy it. Guess what? I couldn’t. They didn’t accept my Canadian debit/credit card, and there was no way to buy it online using Paypal. Why didn’t I use my credit card? Because it was stolen, and I was still waiting for the new one in the mail.

I also filed a complaint with Best Buy’s home office. We’ll see if anthing comes out of it. The reps were SO busy enjoying my harrassment that they never even looked at my computer.

This experience brings up a lot of points. 1) never shop at Best Buy. They allow other customers to harrass and intimidate you. 2) they do not support their products. 3) Don’t buy Apple computers. They have experienced a less-than stellar reputation in the past few years, with their 2018 models being riddled with issues, including mine, which was working fine as I watched a movie last night on Netflix, then suddenly developed lines going up, down, and sideways on the screen in multiple colors, the display started vibrating violently, and an image of a dead battery appeared (jumping up and down on the screen vertically) before crashing 7 seconds later. This is what it does EVERY time I boot it up – 7 seconds of crazy lines and battery spasms, then crashing 7 seconds later.

To Best Buy – you’ve lost a customer for life. I’m really disappointed in your attitude, in your inability to protect your customers from harrassing customers, and instead laughing at and insulting someone looking for assistance.

To Apple – well, what can I say. I will never buy another Apple product again. Thanks for the $2000 paperweight.

To smashed-face guy – thanks for scaring us, and ruining my morning. But you know what? This experience doesn’t define me. It doesn’t make feel ‘ugly’ and it certainly didn’t make me go home and stare in the mirror wondering why he called me ugly. There were a lot of ugly people in the store that day, but I wasn’t one of them. Beauty is who you are within. I don’t need to show off pictures of myself to show off who I am and how I treat other people. Looks are fleeting, and if others need to insult me to make themselves feel better, they’re the ones that are ugly.

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  1. Wow, there are no words for what you experienced. How someone could harass you like that tells me a lot about them. It makes me so sad to think that there are people out there with horrible attitudes and to be bullied as an adult by adults in front of a child baffles me. My niece works at Best Buy and I can’t imagine that happening. I’m so sorry and good for you for being so strong. So much love to you.

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support! It was shocking…I was terrified the guy was going to follow me to my car, or worse, home!

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