Fall Activities for Chronic Illness & Pain Sufferers

Fall Activities for Chronic Illness & Pain Sufferers

With the Fall comes some amazing colours in parts of North America, with the gorgeous fall colours as trees change colour, and Fall bushes and plants burst into life with radiant reds, golds, pinks, and oranges. For people who are active, it’s a favourite time to get out there and get in some running or cycling, but for those of us who are less capable of such wonders, there are still ways to enjoy the fall without the pain!

1 – Grab your camera, go for a light walk on your own or with your family, and take pictures of neighborhood trees, ornamental grasses, plants, and gardens. Because you have a chance to pause to take pictures, it makes for an easy walk that gets you some fresh air and a little exercise, and gives everyone a challenge as they search for the next photo-worthy foliage!

2 – Go for a drive. Heading out onto a road or highway that’s surrounded by trees is a great way to take in the beautiful fall colors in a relaxed manner that won’t flare up your pain or cause you difficulty getting around. If it’s nice out, roll your window down and enjoy the scenery with a little extra fresh air!

3 – Take your family photo! If you go onto facebook or Kijiji, there are often up-and-coming photographers out there who will not only take your family photos for you in a natural environment for around $60, but will also give you a CD of all the shots for you to choose from – you can even use this shoot for your Christmas cards! It’s always fun to romp in the fallen leaves, and this way there’s even a reward for your efforts!

4 – Visit a pumpkin patch. I’m very fortunate as there is a plethora of pumpkin patches close by, as we live in a farming community. Many patches have wagon rides, hot chocolate and blazing fires to warm up by, and some even have petting zoos, pony rides, and other activities. You can choose your pumpkin(s), check out the cool gourds, take some photos with the family surrounded by pumpkins, and sometimes even sample some goodies made from pumpkins! Mmmm…pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pie? Sign me up!

5 – Visit the local farmer’s market. About this time of year, the farmer’s market is just about ready to wrap up. In my community, our local market is closing this coming weekend for the winter, but we were there last weekend, and were able to sample maple wine, maple syrup, pumpkin cookies, and farm-grown/homemade relishes, pickled veg, and salsas from this year’s harvest. We were lucky, and a local fellow had his two Clydesdales there hitched to a lovely carriage, and was giving free rides to passersby. It was a fun way to spend an hour or two, and pick up some farm-fresh veggies for our own canning and enjoyment!

While it can be difficult to get out and about when you’re suffering from a chronic illness or chronic pain, these short excursions can get you out of your four walls before winter hits, and allow you one last opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before the snow flies. Distraction is great for pain management, and short excursions like these shouldn’t be overly taxing if you know your limits, and stick to them.

What kind of fall activities do you enjoy doing? Let me know in the comment section below!

21 thoughts on “Fall Activities for Chronic Illness & Pain Sufferers

  1. Spending time with family by any means is my all time fav. I always love to spend time with them as they are the ones who never leave a chance to make me feel special. I am not familiar with the pumpkin thing and going to google it right away .

  2. O yes! Fall is a season of colors but chronic illness is always there. You compile really useful tip for those who are suffering chronic illness. I am not suffering any of chronic disease but I’ll love to try at least 3 of them to make my fall more colorful and amazing. I love cooking more in winter.

  3. These are all great tips and ideas! I always love going to the pumpkin patch during this season. It can definitely be an easy and relaxing day for someone with chronic pain!

  4. Those all sound very relaxing and enjoyable. I love fall time, definitely good ideas to get out of the house for a little.

  5. Taking photos happen to be my favorite… The rest tips are breathtaking aids the mind and gives relaxation to the soul.

  6. I do suffer from pain in my back. Though it’s getting better, it still comes back from time to time. Anyway, one of my dreams is to visit a pumpkin patch. We don’t have that here in the Phlippines, But I would like to do that someday.

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