Work Out With Me Wednesday #3

Work Out With Me Wednesday #3

Hello again, and welcome to your THIRD WEEK of WOWMW! Hopefully you’re starting to feel a little looser, and a little bit better if you’ve been stiff and sore!

This week’s workout is going to step things up a little bit. So far, we’ve been working on stretching things out a little, and if you feel you’re good with the first two workouts right now, feel free to keep working with those. If you feel you’re ready to move on, welcome to the next step!

Back Stretch

For this stretch, position yourself facing straight ahead, with your feet just outside of your hips. Place your hands on opposite sides of your body, or at least place your left hand at your left hip, or as far behind your back as you can comfortably reach. Then, reach your right hand towards your left hip. Ideally, the end stretch will look like the image; but for now, just reach the right hand towards the left hip as far as you comfortably can. Repeat on the other side. Take your time getting into position. Repeat on each side 3x.


For this one, get into a sitting position, and open your legs into a comfortable V. No need to try to do the splits here! As you lean to one side, keep your back and shoulders straight vertically (don’t hunch or twist). Bring one hand over your head in the direction you are leaning, while bringing the other hand under your body in the opposite direction. Form is the most important part of this stretch, so take your time with it! Repeat on both sides 3x.


For this stretch, you’re going to feel a lot of it in your low to mid-back. Placing a pillow or towel under your head, lay flat on your mat with both feet in a flexed (not pointed) position. Keeping the palm of one hand flat on the mat, ensure that the corresponding shoulder stays ont he mat as well. Then, slowly bring your knee up to almost 45 degrees, then use your other hand to apply gentle pressure on the knee, pulling it gently towards the floor. Keep the small of your back on the floor as you stretch. Repeat 3x per side. *note – this is a great back/hip/piriformis stretch, but if you have lower back problems, take this one very easy.



Instead of performing this stretch exactly as shown, follow these instructions. In a standing position with your feet slightly further apart than shoulder width, reach your arms away from your body. Then, bring your arms in as pictured, but then ‘hug’ yourself momentarily. You can repeat this one from 3-6 times depending on how you feel!



Again, for this exercise, instead of following the picture exactly, kneel on your mat, and lean forward and either lean on the mat with your arms fully extended, or to make it gentler, cup your elbows in your hands over your head (as shown in the image). Ease yourself back into a sitting position using your hands.

One more thing I’d like to add this week. If you’re able to, try to walk for at least 5 minutes this week. Even once around the block, go at your own speed. If you can handle walking fast, start at a normal pace, then increase your pace to a more challenging speed.

And that’s your workout for this week! Again, you can intersperse this one with last week’s workout, so you do Week 2 one day, and Week 3 the next, 5 – 6 times a week.

If you haven’t yet started to log your workouts, now’s a great time to start! Use a diary or your calendar, and keep track of your successes! It may feel like a snail’s pace, but every day that you’re stretching those muscles and moving a little more, your fitness is improving!

Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going for you so far in the comments section – if you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me! Until next week my friends!










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