Form Letter to the Health Minister re: Epinephrine Injectors in Canada

Form Letter to the Health Minister re: Epinephrine Injectors in Canada

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Below, please find a form letter that can be sent to the Health Minister, Ginnette Petitpas Taylor, to address the ongoing shortages of Epipens in Canada, and to ask for a permanent solution that offers alternate Epinephrine auto injectors to Canadians. Change can only happen if everyone makes some noise about this issue, and it’s high time that Pfizer, King, and CEO Heather Bresch get put in their place. I urge you to take just a few minutes to copy the letter below and send it to the Health Minister via email at the link at the bottom.

Dear Sir or Madam;

I am writing to you today regarding the ongoing shortage of Epipens in Canada.
I would like to know why the government is refusing to allow any other drug companies to develop alternative auto-injectors or, for those alternate generic injectors that have already been approved in the U.S., I’d like to know why Canada is still not pursuing those alternatives. I was pleased to hear that the government signed a contract agreeing to import Auvi-Q (Allergect) to Canada for a TWO WEEK PERIOD with a hope to extend that for up to a year. This will no doubt help meet the demand caused by the shortage of Epipens. It is, however, beyond my understanding why Auvi-Q can’t be permanently offered as an Epipen alternative in Canada, nor why other permanent options aren’t being pursued. I firmly applaud your decision to take action in this crisis, and would like to see this become a permanent solution. If the Auvi-Q is an acceptable solution in a shortage, then I see no reason why it cannot be permanently made available to Canadians. Clearly, the government sees Auvi-Q as safe, therefore, there is no reason that it cannot be offered as an alternative permanently. Safe is safe, shortage or not.

The long-term, ongoing shortages of Epipens clearly demonstrates that Pfizer and King cannot keep up with demand, therefore, it’s crystal clear to everyone with an anaphylactic allergy and those who care for them that it’s time for change.

I look forward to your prompt response to my queries, specifically an explanation as to why, with Pfizer and King being consistently unable to deliver their product, the generic brands still have not been cleared for Canada.

Kind regards,

Contact Health Minister Ginnette Petitpas Taylor here

Read the instructions on contacting her office here

Read the article here regarding the Health Minister’s decision to allow a temporary two-week supply of Auvi-Q to be imported to Canada to compensate for Pfizer and King’s failure to deliver Epipens.
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