Why I Hate Getting a New Phone – a Laugh for Your Day!

Why I Hate Getting a New Phone – a Laugh for Your Day!

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I’ve had a great, indestructible Ulefone Armor2 phone for about a year now. In the last few months, while I was talking to someone on the phone, it does all kinds of fun things, such as put the call on hold, mute, dial into my voicemail, dial other people in my address book, and hang up on the caller. While initially entertaining, it became a useless indestructible phone. Since I had purchased the phone on my own and not through my service provider, I was able to go in to my provider and quickly pick up a new phone from Samsung. I honestly didn’t care about bells and whistles, camera capability, its ability to shoot off fireworks, run my washing machine from my phone (not even kidding! It’s a thing!) or whether it jump up and dance a jig when someone called. I just needed A PHONE.

After a busy weekend, I finally got home and started configuring (sorry, make that trying to configure it) and it didn’t take long for the curse words to fly. My kids were laughing hysterically at me as I tried to install my casting apps, log into my social media pages, and try desperately to make my iCloud mail work on the Outlook app. Because I, being a genius, had turned on 2-step Authentication on my apple devices, and the old phone was the device linked to my iCloud account, my Apple ID pitched a fit and I eventually had to change every single password for every single account. Okay fine. Took hours, but it’s done now. (also discovered that someone had hacked my Instagram and Twitter accounts, and my Instagram account was full of pics of naked women – yikes!).

Given how much energy, time, and effort it takes me to figure out anything tech-related, I put off linking it with my Mac. I knew I was in for it, and boy was I right.

So without further ado, here is what I went through while chatting with the pros at Samsung this morning, with my head wrapped tight in a bandana and an ice pack on my head because I have a migraine – keep in mind I had been cut off from the first chat, and ended up with the same guy this time around while trying to install an app to allow my computer and phone to exchange information (pics, music, etc). Read CAREFULLY as I give him a detailed play-by-play and he continues to ask questions about information I’d already given him in the previous line.

The following is a record of your online chat.
General Info
Chat start time August 22, 2018 9:36:57 AM EST
Chat end time August 22, 2018 10:19:21 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:42:24
Operator Sanford
Chat Transcript
Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.Sanford: Thank you for contacting Samsung Canada support. How may I assist you today?
Tessa: Hi, I was just chatting with you. I installed the app, it restarted the computer, and I can’t find the app anywhere. I also tried plugging my phone into my mac, nothing.
Sanford: You need to install the application first and then you need to connect the device.
Sanford: I’ll share the link again.
Sanford: Smart Switch
Tessa: So I installed the one for mac, it said it was installing, then that the computer had to restart to finish the install. Where do I find the app now?
Sanford: You need to contact Apple Support, as we do not have the information about apple product.
Sanford: You can find in the apps store.
Tessa: No, I had it on my computer before, it’s just not recognizing the phone.
Tessa: I thought I did download the app. Is it the little green android guy? I already had it on my computer, it’s just not working. It worked on my old phone…
Sanford: What is the error you are getting?
Tessa: There is no actual error. I followed the installation instructions, then it restarted my computer. The app is there, but when I plug the phone in, it says Please connect your smartphone device with a USB cable.
Tessa: The phone isn’t even showing up in my ‘devices’
Sanford: Have you connected the device with USB cable?
Tessa: Yup
Sanford: Please restart the device and see if that helps.
Tessa: It’s installed on my phone as an app now, but it only gives me the option to transfer from one phone to another.
Sanford: Yes, you can transfer the data from phone to laptop.
Tessa: It doesn’t give me that option. Please walk me through it.
Sanford: It is not possible to transfer the data from phone to other phone.
Tessa: Really? Then read thishttps://www.samsung.com/ca/apps/smart-switch/
Sanford: You can transfer from Android to Android and not from laptop to mobile.
Tessa: WHAT!!! You JUST said it is possible to transfer the data from the phone to another device!!!
Sanford: Yes, it is possible however, you can transfer the data from Laptop to Mobile.
Sanford: You can move the apps from old device to new device.
Tessa: You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. every phone i’ve ever owned has connected to my mac laptop or pc. Please let me speak to someone who knows how to connect my phone to my pc so I don’t have to spend hours navigating the web to figure this out on my own.
Sanford: Tessa, you can connect the device to the PC and take a back up.
Sanford: However, you can not transfer the data from PC to mobile.
Tessa: You JUST said I couldn’t do that! All I want to be able to do is transfer files! Yes, I can – I used to transfer music files to my old phone! Why can’t you just put me in touch with someone who knows how to do this?
(This is one of my favourite comments):
Sanford: If you wish you can contact phone support team.
Here is the contact details.
Sanford: 1-800-726-7864
Tessa: Gee whiz, you’ve been such a huge help.
Tessa: You realize I contacted you on chat because if I’m on the phone I can’t follow the steps required to make the connection?
Sanford: Tessa, I have tried my best to help you. If the device is not connecting then you can try with another laptop.
Tessa: really? Your solution is to buy another laptop?
Tessa: Seriously – how do I chat with someone who knows what they’re talking about?
Sanford: Currently the agents are not available, you can get back to us or you can contact phone Support.
Tessa: I guess I’ll keep trying chat until I get someone else.
Sanford: Right now, there is no one available otherwise I could have transferred your chat.
(My next favourite suggestion):
Sanford: If you let me know the exact issue, I’ll go ahead and help you with the details.
Sanford: As the device is not detecting then try to use another USB cable.
Tessa: I TOLD you the exact issue!
Sanford: Could you restart the device and connect it once again?
Sanford: Are we still connected on the chat?
Tessa: yes
Sanford: Are you facing same issue?
Sanford: Are we still connected on the chat?
Tessa: yes
Tessa: Any other ideas?
Sanford: If it is not working then it might be an issue with the device.
Sanford: Do you have any further questions for me?
Tessa: ugh I guess not.
Sanford: Have a great day ahead!
Sanford: Take care!

It seems every time I get a new phone, it’s never as straightforward as the company suggests, and instead of finding answers through the the company, I literally have to find it in online tutorials! So, the experts on Samsung are not the Samsung ‘experts!’

Do you have a fun story about your experiences trying to accomplish something over chat or on the phone? I’d love to hear it!

Happy Hump Day everybody!

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