Marijuana Month!

Marijuana Month!

Marijuana is in the air this spring, with the Canadian government poised to end the prohibition of Marijuana in Canada. This is a big deal for those who use medical marijuana – they will have access to more strains locally, higher accountability for a properly tested and predictable product, and research can begin into how marijuana may play a role in the treatment of a very wide variety of diseases, disorders, mental health issues, and even its potential to help end opioid use and abuse.
For now, let’s start off with some resources. If you’re contemplating the use of medical marijuana, but don’t know much about it, you’re going to have a lot to learn, but I’m going to try to streamline that learning and point you to some excellent resources.
Time Magazine just released an entire issue dedicated to medical marijuana, and though the magazine is about $16 +tax, it’s well worth the price – there is a lot of information in there not only on the use of marijuana as a medical treatment, but also information to help you understand what’s going on right now, and what will happen if the end to  prohibition does, in fact, come to fruition. If you’re considering using Medical Marijuana, it’s an excellent starting point.
Medical marijuana is brushed aside too often, by doctors, family, and friends alike. Ad campaigns, television campaigns and commercials, and the disgust of the general public towards the miracle plant have made folks who choose marijuana as their treatment for whatever is ailing them feel that they can’t talk about it in the open. There’s a stigma attached to the use of marijuana, without merit, and now convincing people that marijuana is a legitimate remedy for so many diseases/disorders is going to take some time. Even those who are at the end of their rope and decide to look into it often don’t know who to talk to, who to ask questions of, and how to figure out whether it’s worth a try.
So, this month I’ll cover as many topics on medical marijuana as I can to try to provide some comprehensive information for anyone who’s interested in trying it for their particular medical needs.

2 thoughts on “Marijuana Month!

  1. I am really interested in this but live in the UK and even though recently it was announced that Marijuana for medical use will be legal here probably in the Autumn I believe I am not sure who will qualify and who wont but nothing works for my pain and am interested in trying this if I am able to. There is evidence to show how much this plant helps people with Epilepsy and other conditions.

    1. Charlotte’s Web is the strain that’s commonly used for epilepsy; it was developed specifically to help with seizures! Even using just CBD oil has been shown to be very helpful for sleep issues and chronic pain. Right now in Canada patients can get medical marijuana, but soon it’s supposed to be legalized for everyone (September). Hopefully it goes through in the UK too!

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